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What Our Clients Say...

what our clients say

“We hired Keith's firm with the instruction to make us well known in the Tees Valley business community. This has been achieved through a completely new website and regular press and local radio coverage. This was best summed up by another IFA who said to one of my colleagues "Three months ago, I had never heard of Carterbar. Now I can't open a paper without seeing you."

Arthur Dornan, Carterbar Holdings Ltd

"Keith and Aegies Associates Ltd have provided Techconsult UK Ltd with an excellent service to date. They have a superb understanding of our business needs, which has meant that they can create and develop our rudimentary ideas into a polished working article, with their attention to detail second to none"


"I would highly recommend Aegies Associates services to any business looking to expand their company profile and to navigate their company through these tough economic times"


"The quality service that Aegies Associates have supplied to Techconsult UK, I would describe as Priceless"

Stephen Guest, Techconsult UK Ltd


“Keith is very well connected and has a detailed knowledge of structured product innovation and development. His background in industry gives him an edge over many other consultants, while his work with Durham University keeps his knowledge at the forefront of the latest thinking. This mixture means that he is often the source of new and innovative ideas.”

John Bignall, Bignall Group


“Keith has the ability to influence and dismantle complex scenario's into simplistic actions. Backed with great technical skill makes a great combination in driving and meeting deadlines. Keith ability to influence on both a personal and professional level. Helped to ensure detailed deliverables the customer base required we're obtained with relative ease making the projects move quickly and efficiently.”

Mark Grainger, Filtronic


“Keith is a highly experienced manager who combines technolgy understanding with business acumen and has the interpersonal skill and integrity to manage people while also possessing the personality to be outward-facing in any organisation.”

John Roulston, Filtronic




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The STILTWALK® process is where we identify, investigate, innovate, implement and improve your organisations strategy, offering you guidance, direction and support on your path to success. We provide you with knowledge, experience and advice to help you create a vision, examine and explore available opportunities within your market, deliver a successful product life cycle, improve the teamwork within your organisation and formulate a focus area for the future, in order to achieve continuous growth.

We are based in the Darlington, Durham and Newcastle areas of the Northeast of England, but operate throughout the UK, Europe and the US on projects large and small.