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Strategy Formation

Strategy FormationManagement Strategy

We provide a number of personal and flexible services, suited to your company’s needs:

  • Planning and strategy, visioning, product and technology road mapping
  • Product development strategy and project management
  • Development of objectives, policies and plans
  • Business evaluation
  • Competitor assessment
  • Strategy evaluation

We provide your business with an overall direction; ensuring management expectations are met, whilst also satisfying the needs of your customers. We help you develop objectives and a vision for your business, and create business strategies and product development plans that coincide with the overall objectives of your business. We will then help you evaluate your management strategy to clarify that it has been implemented successfully, or adapt it to satisfy the ever-changing external environment.

Marketing Strategy

We provide a number of personal and flexible services, suited to your company’s needs:

  • Marketing and planning strategy, visioning, product and technology roadmapping
  • Product development
  • Promotional strategy
  • Pricing strategy
  • Distribution strategy

We help your business focus its resources on the opportunities that arise in your marketplace, in order to achieve competitive advantage and an increase in sales. We create a marketing strategy tailored for your business that takes into account your product development, pricing, promotion, and distribution methods, and combine these with your business objectives, ensuring your overall goal of customer satisfaction is achieved.



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The STILTWALK® process is where we identify, investigate, innovate, implement and improve your organisations strategy, offering you guidance, direction and support on your path to success. We provide you with knowledge, experience and advice to help you create a vision, examine and explore available opportunities within your market, deliver a successful product life cycle, improve the teamwork within your organisation and formulate a focus area for the future, in order to achieve continuous growth.

We are based in the Darlington, Durham and Newcastle areas of the Northeast of England, but operate throughout the UK, Europe and the US on projects large and small.