Providing Guidance, Direction & Support To Improve Your Communications,

Enhance Your Reputation, Grow Your Organisation,

Allowing You To Stand Head and Shoulders Above The Rest

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Is your organisation at a crossroads? Not sure which direction to take?


Aegies Assaltociates is a boutique communications, marketing & PR consultancy providing guidance, direction and support, helping organisations improve their communications, grow their reputation allowing them to stand head and shoulders above the rest. In what is an increasingly crowded market place getting your organisation and its products and services recognised is critical. We look at communications, marketing & PR strategically, gearing our guidance, direction and support to make a real difference from day one onwards.  In simple terms we role our sleeves up and get stuck in, working with you as a part of your team helping you to deliver your message loud and clear. 

We do this by delivering STILTWALK®, a process of direction and guidance giving businesses the stilts needed to step over challenges they may face, supporting them to walk with stability and confidence.


Following our STILTWALK process means that you will excel at:

  • Improving your communications and enhancing your reputation.
  • Attracting new customers and developing new partnerships.
  • Being innovative in developing and introducing new products and services.
  • Entering new or developing existing markets.
  • Identifying opportunities and threats within your marketplace, which means you can take a proactive, rather than reactive, approach.
  • Growing your sales and reducing your costs leading to enhanced profitability.

altThrough a blend of creativity, flexibility and 30 years experience of international communication, marketing, PR and product development, we help organisations large and small ‘stand head and shoulders above the rest’. This is because we provide you with board level knowledge and experience combined with a personal relationship, allowing you to enjoy such expertise without having to hire a permanent solution and at a fraction of the cost.

Our team has operated at the most senior levels of organisations operating throughout the world. Our business is founded on real world experience in Europe, the US and Asia, with a proven track record that is as strong as our creative and management abilities.

To see how Aegies Associates could help you to improve your communications, grow your reputation, enhance your market position and develop your brand please feel free to contact us. We are happy to discuss your ‘crossroads’ and recommend a set of ‘stilts’ specially tailored for your ‘walk’.



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The STILTWALK® process is where we identify, investigate, innovate, implement and improve your organisations strategy, offering you guidance, direction and support on your path to success. We provide you with knowledge, experience and advice to help you create a vision, examine and explore available opportunities within your market, deliver a successful product life cycle, improve the teamwork within your organisation and formulate a focus area for the future, in order to achieve continuous growth.

We are based in the Darlington, Durham and Newcastle areas of the Northeast of England, but operate throughout the UK, Europe and the US on projects large and small.